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Accidents are common in New York. You must wonder, that in such a peaceful state, why accidents are common? One reason is, often teenagers are not careful while driving. Another reason is some drivers drive recklessly despite knowing that the roads of New York are heavily traveled and congested which can lead to an accident. The good news is that people in New York are in the most part responsible and most people obtain and carry car insurance. However, they should know that it is important to avoid accidents once they have insurance. If you do get into an accident, here are some changes you may have to deal with.

Increase interest rate

For the first few accidents and speeding tickets, you will have to deal with the following:

  • The premium on your insurance policy will be increased
  • Chance that you will have to pay full amount

No Discounts

In case that you have been in more accidents and all of them were at fault, it is possible the company will terminate your insurance policy. When looking for a new policy, you will most likely be offered expensive policy. Such companies are not accessible with more than one PIP claim, in this instance you will need to go with one of the few, high risk companies that are willing to insure you. When I company has to continuously pay our for your insurance policy, most likely they will drop you or increase your premium. Sometimes making your premium unaffordable. 


The worst thing that could happen to you is that you will not get insurance from any company. Private insurers possibly will not sell an insurance policy to you. If you have a background of severe accidents, all of which happened because of your mistake and your records have not been cleared (most accidents, claims or violations stay on your record up to 5 years) than likely you will need to get the New York State Auto Plan. If you continuously show the company that you are a threat, most likely the policy will be a loss, therefore they will not insure you. You should know that insurance companies only sell policies to the individuals that are trustworthy and those who have a clear driving history.

Bottom line

If you need protection for your avehicle and want to assure that you will get the coverage at the lowest available cost, it is important that you avoid accidents. Remember insurers get monthly reports from the traffic department of the state. If you have been in an accident it will be clearly mentioned on the reports, which means that even if you were trying to hide the information the company will still find out and they might terminate your policy.

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