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The most important part of having a car insurance policy is to have liability insurance. The best car insurance will protect you in case you were to get in an accident from legal and financial issues. This ensures that you, passengers, pedestrians, and other peoples property are taken car of in the event that you are in an at fault accident. At Cheap Car Insurance New York, will always provide you with the the best liability coverage for you and your families. Keep reading for some of the most important benefits of having Auto Liability Coverage in New York.

Liability car insurance is required in almost every stay. Some drivers may not know what Liability car insurance is or how it helps you. Cheap car Insurance New York is here to help you. 

Liability car insurance is a insurance policy that will protect a driver from being sued and/or held liable for an accident that they were at fault. This could result in injury from negligence 

Things covered under Liability Car Insurance
-Bodily injury: If the accident was your fault and you injure another person, than liability insurance will pay for the medical costs.
-Property damage: If the accident was your fault and the accident damages someone else's property then liability insurance will help pay for the repairs

Liability Car Insurance doesn't cover

-Damage to your own property
-Damage to your own vehicles

Some small lawsuits are $3,000 to $175,000. Some larger lawsuits are less frequent, but can get into a lot higher amounts.

While drivers tend to want liability car insurance with the states minimum limits, Cheap car insurance recommends that it is a good idea to purchase higher limits and add ons such as towing and glass protection.

Here is a list of the State of New York Minimum coverage limits

Liability insurance $25,000 / $50,000 total

Property Damage $10,000

Liability Car Insurance

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