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Facts About Motorcycle Insurance

Be a good driver, get the best discounts

A good driving record helps out tremendously. If you have been free of tickets and accidents for 3 years or more then you are more likely to get a better rate than someone that has. Most insurers will look back no more then 3 years when looking at your clue report. Which is like a credit pull but they will pull your driving history

Motorcycle insurance  comprehensive and collision

Motorcycle collision coverage covers damage to your bike if you get in a accident or lay it down. If you get in an accident with your bike it is similar to getting into a accident with your car or truck, your insurance company would be financially responsible to repair the damages depending on the size of your deductible. If you total your bike, your insurer usually pays the actual cash value. 

Comprehensive Coverage cover fire, theft, vandalism and other threats that are commonly covered when you have comprehensive coverage.

Gap Insurance

Gap insurance covers the difference of your cars value and the a loan amount in the even of a total loss. 

It is very common for someone to go buy a vehicle new or used with no money down. In return the vehicle isnt worth the amount of the loan balance. However, if you do not carry gap insurance and get into an accident then your loan isnt what gets paid off. You will get the actual cash value of your car. Consequently you can end up carless and still owe money. Gap insurance will get you back to your balance.

Gap insurance starts when:
- Theft of your motor vehicle
- The vehicle has comp coverage up to the car's cash value.

How does gap insurance work?

Gap insurance kicks in when your car is stolen or in a wreck and is a complete loss and/or the vehicles actual cash value is less then the loan balance.

Example of Gap insurance 

You have a Harley Davidson and the cash value is $9,000. And, you still owe $12,000 on your motorcycle loan with the bank. We will say that you totaled your motorcycle  because you ran off the road and layed your motorcycle down. Your motorcycle frame bent and is now a complete loss. Your comprehensive and collision will cover the actual cash value of $9000 minus your deductible. Your gap coverage would then pay the extra $3,000 in order to get you to a zero loan balance. 

The less you ride the better the premium 

If you only ride your motorcycle on the weekends then make sure to tell your agent at Cheap Car Insurance Maine. If you arent riding it every day then there is a huge price difference

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

You may be eligible for a motorcycle insurance discount of 15% when you complete a motorcycle safety class. Note: Ask your agentwhen you are getting your motorcycle insurance for a discount. This could be a big savings over time!

Shop Around

The best way to save money on motorcycle insurance is to shop around. Cheap Car Insurance has access to every market that can provide motorcycle insurance and will get you the best rate possible. There is no need to waste your time looking on every website known to man to find the best rate, Cheap Car Insurance agents shop around for you!