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New York Auto Insurance Requirements

If you register a vehicle in New York  you will need to provide proof of state minimum insurance coverage. The NY Bureau of Insurance mandates the coverages.  

Here is a list of the State of New York Minimum coverage limits

Liability insurance $25,000 / $50,000 total 

Property Damage $10,000

Comprehensive: Optional

Collision: Optional

What if I get caught without insurance?
A $500 fine and 30 day suspension of driving privileges could be possible. The state of  New York can also suspend your license and vehicle registration. Your insurance will continue to be suspended until you can provide proof of insurance. 

What determines my premium for car insurance in NY?
Cheap Car Insurance NY can give you a quote over the phone. in under 15 minutes in most cases. They need to get some information from you such as Name, Date of Birth, Driving record and in some cases credit check. 

Factors that will impact insurance rates in NY:
- how many accidents you have been in
- how many claims you have had
- has your car ever been reported stolen?
- credit

- listed drivers
- how many driving offenses you have
- do you need to file an sr22
- neighborhood
- how far you drive daily
- do you drive to work or do you drive for pleasure?

The average auto insurance premium for people that live in New York just under $1,500.

For Tips for Obtaining Cheap Car Insurance in New York please click here

Who drives in the state of New york?
New york is pretty large if you look at square mileage. New york's most recent 2015 census stated that the population is 19.85 million according to wikepedia.

Car Insurance Companies will not base your premium on gender. However, age is a different story. Young drivers equal higher premiums. In New york as of late 2017,  just over 150,000 drivers were 19 and below.  

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