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Is your teen getting a Drivers license?
New York starts teen drivers out with learner's permits, in which is it mandatory for your teen to drive with an adult. Know the rules of the road in your state to help your teen learn safely.
Tips for giving your teen driver rules:

-Find out who they are driving with and set the standard
-Discuss where they should be driving. Set driving area limits
-How many people are they allowed to be driving with?
-When should they be arriving home?
-Make sure they and all passengers are wearing seat belts and give them consequences if they are not
-Night time is the wrong time. Limit night time driving
-And obviously, do not let them drive under the influence, or drive with the passengers that are

Should my teen driver be on my policy or on their own?
Check with your current insurer and see how much your rates will change. In a lot of cases at Cheap Car Insurance the parent actually saves money by adding them, even if you are adding another vehicle for them to drive (this actually gives you a multi car discount).  However maybe a separate policy for your teen would work better for you and your family. Please note that if your teen has a bad driving record, it will affect your rate.  

If my teen is on a learners permit do I need to add them to my policy?
Check with your current insurer. In most cases they are protected until they get there license. 

What if your teen is involved in a car accident?
If your teen is driving with a learners permit and has a consenting adult with them at the time of the accident, then typically the results will same as in another accident. However, if your teen is caught driving alone, then this may result in a ticket or even worse, then permit could be suspended. 

Does my teen driver need to be insured on every car that I own?
In pretty much every state you are not required to have the car and driver to match. Which means every driver in the household is included unless you exclude them. If a state does require that the car and driver match then Yes, you will need to list every driver with every specific car that they drive. 

If my premium goes up do I need to keep my teen driver on my policy?
Either way your child need insurance. An alternative would be to by them their own policy, all though the premium will be much higher since he does not qualify for any discounts that you get. Remember that if you do this his or her rates may be higher down the line as well because of lapse in coverage.

Are there specific coverages for a teen driver?
There isn't coverages specific to teen drivers. They must have the minimum coverage which will go on automatically once you add them to your existing policy. If you feel that they need more protection then call your agent and have them add on whatever you feel is appropriate. ​

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